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Designed for any woman with naturally thinning hair or extreme hair loss from alopecia,hereditary or medical conditions.

For the men - HairSkeen systems - a seamless blend with your own hair, offering an extensive colour range, with the option of full bonding or a tape application.

Available exclusively in New Zealand through Instyle Mobile Hairdressing.

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There are many ways to wash a human hair wig (and there are many bad ways to wash your wig - please, whatever you do, don't put it in the washing machine!  We're not joking, people do it!), this is one way we recommend you wash your human hair wig.  We give credit to Follea Hair products who produced this video.  Please take the time to look at their range of Topettes and Wigs, we love their hair, it is the most beautiful hair in the world (no exaggeration!)

If you purchase your wig from us, our stylists will take you through a workshop and demonstration showing you how to wash your wig.  They will take you through each step and guide you what to do, and what not to do.

Before you start:  What you will need to wash your human hair wig

  • Wide tooth comb (or vent brush)
  • Transitions Hair Mannequin Head
  • 4-6 straight dressmaking pins
  • Hydrating shampoo
  • Hydrating conditioner
  • Towel
  • Large Sink

15 Easy Steps to washing your Human Hair Wig

 Step 1:  Brush or comb the hair to detangle it. 

We recommend using either a wide tooth brush called a vent brush (also called 'spider' brush) or a wide tooth comb.  Gently brush the hair in three stages:

         a.  Brush then ends first.

         b.  Then mid-lengths to the ends

         c.  The the roots to the ends to remove all tangles from you human hair wig.

Step 2:  Place the wig onto the mannequin head using the dressmaking pins. We recommend you place it on the same way you would wear the wig. Putting on the mannequin head (or blocking it as some people call it) will help reduce the amount of hair inversion that occurs.  That is, where the hair inverts through the wig cap, it comes inside interior of the wig.  Step 3:  Pin the wig onto the manneqin head.  Pin the wig at the front, sides and the back. 

We recommend placing two pins at the front, near the temple area, two at the sides and also two at the nape.  Do not place the pins in the area where you part the hair. 

Step 4:  Wet the wig with luke warm water.

Make sure all the hair is untucked from underneath the wig.  Use luke warm water, begin to rinse the wig from the top (crown area) down.  Keep the hair in the same direction to reduce the chance of tangling.

Step 5:  Apply hydrating wig shampoo to your human hair wig

Apply a high quality hydrating shampoo gently to the wig.  Stroke or 'pat' the wig hair in a downward direction to spread the shampoo throughout the hair.  Please, do not rub or scrub the hair, it won't make the hair cleaner but will potentially tangle the hair.  

Note: about shampoos and conditioners -  Please don't use any cheap and nasty products from the chemist or supermarket, it simply isn't as good as professional grade hair products.  We have our own range of high quality hair products that we use in-house, we recommned that you use them too!    You will notice a difference how nice the hair feels and how long the wig lasts as a result!  You can purchase them online.

Step 6: Rinse shampoo from the crown down.

Step 7: Apply hydrating wig Conditioner, starting at the ends first and then working your way to the mid-lengths and roots last.

Step 8:  Gently use a wide tooth comb to spread the conditioner throughout the wig.  Be careful not to catch the comb on the fabric of the wig.

Step 9:  Rinse hair thoroughly

Step 10:  Remove pins from the wig and mannequin head.  Gently remove the wig from the mannequin head.

Step 11:  Comb or brush the length of the hair, starting from the ends moving up the hair shaft to the roots.

Step 12:  Towel Dry - Wrap the human hair wig vertically inside a towel and blot it dry. 

Step 13:  Take the hair out of the towel and give it a shake!

Step 14: Place the hair back onto the manneqin head, using pins to hold it in position.  Lightly spray some Transitions Hair Leave-in Conditioner into the hair, then brush  into the style you like.  Allow to air dry (over night is best)

Step 15:  When your hair is 80% dry, you are now ready to blow dry your hair to give it that unique touch and expression of yourself.